Product Review: Wildfire Lust Mood Mist

Wildfire Lust Mood Mist

Wildfire Lust Mood Mist

Anyone that knows Hubby for any length time comes to realize, he is very focused when it comes to scents.  When we go on playdates, he he will bring multiple Yankee Candles to the hotel to set the mood. Knowing that, we obtained a bottle of Wildfire Lust Mood Mist.

Following the instructions I sprayed the Mood Mist on the bed linens on a night when I planned on making it a romantic evening for just Hubby & me.  The first thing I noticed was Lust is a very earthy, sensual scent. It smells like “sex” without actually smelling like a room where people have been fucking already. Containing bergamot, ylang ylang & patchouli it is a very natural & pleasant scent.

Hubby immediately noticed it when he walked into our bedroom.  His comment was something like, “What is that? It smells really good.”

We had very vigorous sex on our Wildfire Lust Mood Mist infused bedspread & sheets that night. Clearly, for Hubby it had aphrodisiac qualities and the scent lasted quite long that evening as did Hubby.  LOL

The Wildfire site says the Mood Mists are very “rich & decadent” which is a very apt description. I would include that the Lust Mood Mist does fit it’s name quite well as it is a very lusty & earthy scent that does inspire passions. Only a few spritzes is enough to fill a room with the intoxicating scent & set the mood for sex.