Family First… Even for Swingers

A couple weekends ago on February 3rd Hubby & I were going to host a Hair Metal Swinger Party at The Korral in Pennsylvania, one of the Swinger clubs we adore. Then life kicked. Hubby’s Dad called four days before the event at the Korral to say Hubby’s Mom had been admitted to the hospital & she was not doing well. We flew down the next morning. We did get to spend some time with Mom, but on the very night we were supposed to be hosting our own party several States away, Hubby’s Mom had a stroke. We were able to see her but she passed later the day of the 4th. Hubby was heartbroken but determined to stay with Dad a few more days to help him get his bearings back.

Were we upset we missed our own event?  Not really. We did feel like we let some people down since we couldn’t find anyone that was able to represent Swing! the evening at the club.  But, the Korral owners took care of everyone from what we have been told & hopefully people had a good time. Family is more important than a party. Swinging is just a hobby for us.

We are going to a Meet & Greet hosted by some friends this Friday night in Alexandria, VA.  They call themselves “The Unicorn Squad” since it is three single women hosting the M&G. Swingers call single women in the Lifestyle “Unicorns” because they are supposed to be so hard to find.  Who knew there was a herd of them near Washington, D.C.?  We need this night out.

One day, we’ll have to do another Hair Metal themed event again though.  Hubby already bought the cheetah print leggings and the 10 inch lifelike dildo he was going to put in his pants because we all know rock stars are packing some serious cock.  LOL 

Swing Out Socials GLOW PARTY at The Korral

So, you may or may not know that Hubby & I run our own Swingers’ group & host Swingers’ events for our group called Swing!.  Being that we are almost always the ones running the events or parties we frequently don’t get much of a chance to play when we go to a Swingers’ Club event.  We are hoping to change that this weekend.  😜

I had noticed a couple weeks ago that we had gotten invites to the Glow Party being hosted by our friends at Swing Out Socials (SOS) in Pennsylvania at one of our favorite Swingers’ clubs, The Korral. Hubby said we should definitely go and try to have some naughty fun.  I arranged a sitter for us & tomorrow we are heading out to our first Glow Party.  Yes, you heard that right, we have NEVER been to a Glow Party before. We’ve been checking all of the usual lifestyle sites we are on (SwingLifestyle, Kasidie, LoveVoodooAltPlayground, Quiver, SwingTowns) & this SOS event is already looking like it is going to be CRAZY.  Combined with all of the sites & SOS’s Facebook group, there are easily 250-300 people signed up to attend.

We’ve got the sitter arranged, we bought our UV reactive & glowing clothes & accessories… We are ready to get our Glow & Swing on!