5 Questions To Ask Before You SWING

#4 is very important!

Cassidy London

People often ask those of us in the lifestyle how we knew we were ready to swing. The short answer is that like anything else, you just don’t know until you try it. This is of course true but….honestly, though there is a lot more to it than that 😉 Want a more in-depth answer? Start here with these 5 questions to ask both yourself and your partner before you swing. 

#1 What do you think it means?

The uninformed often think it’s about 1970’s style wife swap parties or sleazy mass orgies with strangers. The reality of modern day swinging couldn’t be farther from that image at all. Many times the players do know each other (to a varying degrees) and there’s a great sense of mutual respect within the community. Nothing sleazy about it. Period.

You’re also not a swinger because of that one crazy night in college…

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“Valentine’s Day” Gift…

Liberator Heart Wedge®

Liberator Heart Wedge®

I told Hubby I wanted to try out a Liberator Wedge and directed him to Better Sex by Sinclair Institute.  He sent me a few options. He and I agreed that the Liberator Heart Wedge looked like the best place to start.  He said the Heart Wedge seemed the most fitting because it can be a Valentine’s Day gift for both of us too.  💕  LOL

Hubby being Hubby, he shopped around for the best deal he could find.  Usually Liberator products have a maximum 10% discount allowed, but Hubby found a link that took $20 off a $60 purchase.  He said he got the normally $69.95 Heart Wedge for $49.95 AND free shipping with his link:  BetterSex take $20 off $60 or more

I am very excited to try it out and write a review about it.  Maybe I can convince him to let me have it early so I can let him have it early.  😜

Product Review: Astroglide Spark


Astroglide Spark

So we got our “hands” on some Astroglide Spark and I believe we have a new favorite lube! Hubby & I tried Spark for the first time last night & we loved it. As a couple that is involved in the Swinger Lifestyle and runs a Swingers’ group, you start to learn what does & doesn’t work for you when it comes to lubrication. Spark fills all the needs quite nicely; it has a natural feel like a water-based lube, but it is long lasting like a silicone lube as well.

So, we decided to try Spark last night like we were newbies that have never used lube before. Instead of a lot of foreplay to get the natural lubricants flowing, Hubby lubed us both up with Spark & went straight to work. Wow! There was no initial friction or tackiness until the lube warmed up like there can be with other freshly applied lubricants; everything was ready to go right out of the gate. Sex for us tends to last into what many people would consider pretty long sessions. An hour is short with 2-3 hours not being unusual. There was no breakdown of Spark after over an hour of play, we never had to reapply at all.

We can easily see Spark becoming our “go to” lube for one-on-one play, anal play AND in a group play situation. Clearly Spark has nailed the formula to last for long sessions of smooth play without having to worry about needing to reapply. We still haven’t tried Spark in a multiple partner situation or with toys yet but we are expecting great things from Spark.

Periods suck!


We’ve had a Swinger date night planned with one of our favorite couples for tonight for weeks. Guess who just got her period. 😭