Swinger Comedy?

A few weeks ago a friend of ours won 20 tickets to a comedy club to see a show.  A few of us ended up going to see 4 comedians with 3 being local stand-ups & one being “a national headliner and former finalist on Last Comic Standing.” We had great expectations.  The locals were hilarious, the headliner was a snooze.

Anyway, my limited understanding is most comedy is funny because people can relate personally to the situations in the jokes. However… Swinger comedy, MOST people will not relate personally to Swinging but we all got to talking about how some of the situational experiences of Swingers can be quite funny even to the non-Swingers.

Here are some examples of what I thought would be hilarious even if most people could not directly relate to them:

  • Ladies, ever been finger-banged by another chick with really long nails? Your ass-cheeks learn to walk backwards on their own.
  • That moment when in an orgy the guy you are fucking starts negotiating where he wants to cum on you. “Can I cum on your face?”
    “How about on your tits?”
    “Tits are good, but if I see you aiming anywhere higher nothing will be coming out of your balls for weeks.”
  • You have to pull a heavy, girthy cock out of your mouth to ask, “What is your name again?”
  • You say to one guy, “Wrong hole! Wrong hole!” Then to the less-endowed of the two guys, “Ok, now that he’s in YOU can put YOURS in my ass.”

I don’t know.  Maybe my act needs some work.