3somer… “it’s a magic number”

Over the weekend we headed into Washington, DC, to host an event at a Swingers Club and we got talking about how difficult to navigate the usual lifestyle sites are on a cell phone. They all have their quirks that just don’t make them work as well on a mobile platform. Recently, however, we have started to give an app a try that we have so far found to be pretty intuitive & easy to use: 3somer.

Downloading 3somer was free & easy. It’s available in the iTunes Store & Google Play.

The app is secured with a pattern recognition lock which, especially for a couple, can make it easier to remember than a password.

Setting up a free account was quick & actually fun. Yes, they ask you to write a little bit about yourself, but to help you find who you are looking for they ask you a series of interesting multiple-choice personality questions like, “How important is it for a partner to smell good?”, “Do you have hobbies & outside interests?” and “How do you react to people that swear often?” Once we got through the preliminaries we uploaded a photo; we chose to keep ourselves discrete by cropping our faces in the photo strategically.  There are private photo galleries that you can upload more “open” photos to that only those you have granted access will be able to see.  The set-up all-in-all was pretty quick & painless.

The 3somer interface itself is clean & uncluttered.  Unlike some apps, icons are labelled to help you understand what they mean; there are no worries about clicking on something by mistake & pinging that guy you were trying to skip.

“Liking” someone can’t be any easier, you have the option of clicking a ❤️ which then asks if you would like to send a chat request or “continue playing.” Swiping right does the same thing & makes things move quickly.  Swiping left or clicking the   tells 3somer you don’t feel like there is a match & the app moves you on to the new profile. If the other profile has marked you as one they like as well, you get a notification that “it’s a match!”

What we REALLY like, even though it is called 3somer, you aren’t just limited to looking up singles as a couple & singles aren’t limited to just searching couples either. Couples can search couples and singles and there are multiple options to search for as well.  You can search for singles males, single females, Couples (FM), Couples (FF), Couples (MM), & TS/TG/TV members. The app works quite well in that respect. Most of our matches are from other couples; anyone following Swing! knows couples are right up our alley.  😜

One area where 3somer is still improving is the number of members. Yes, we did get to view many, many profiles in our area but a few with similar interests that came up as matches were many States away. This of course will change as more & more people try out 3somer.

All-in-all we really like 3somer, the design is clean and easy to use.  The app doesn’t have any glitches, lock-ups or slowdowns from our experience.  We found many matches within our 100 mile radius, considering we live in a small town but we are 50 miles from Washington, D.C., that was pretty impressive. We’ll keep using 3somer it looks like it will work for our needs.