Let me preface this with “WE ARE NOT KEN & BARBIE.”  You’ll see that phrase a lot when you go on a Swinger Lifestyle sites like SwingLifestyle, Kasidie, Quiver, Swingers Date Club or SwingTowns. But in this case I am actually talking about us. Hubby & I are comfortably in our 40s.  I’m closer to 40 while Hubby is closing in on 50.  We both have a few extra pounds but we are both trying to shed a few. Why do I bring this up?  Just to let you know we aren’t 30-something Swingers with rock-hard abs & even my boobs are still my originals too.  LOL

While we do love meeting new people, not everyone we meet is someone we want to play with. We pretty much assume everyone else is like this as well. We don’t take offense if someone isn’t interested in us. We aren’t everyone else’s cup of tea either. When we first started Swinging a few years ago, I was in my early-30s & Hubby had just hit 40 himself.  Back then we were a pretty hot property.  Apparently we were young enough that we piqued the interest of many more Swingers than we do now. Now, things have changed somewhat.  We play less, but we are more selective. Appearances are not always the driving factor for us, we usually prefer if there is that “connection” with another couple/single before we become interested in fucking them.

Age can be a deciding factor for us. Lately, and I’m not sure why, we have been getting more contacts from Swingers in their late 60s. Some are as much as 20 years older than Hubby and that puts them pert-near 70 years old.  While we are getting older, Hubby & I aren’t quite ready to go there yet.  So far the biggest age difference for us with playmates has been we played wth a 23 year-old couple when Hubby was 43 and we played with a 55 year-old couple (she looked like Ginger Grant in her prime from Gilligan’s Island) when I was 37.  However, those couples were a good fit for us at the time though so the age differences didn’t matter.  We just had sexy fun times fucking. But frankly, we haven’t found anyone we have been attracted to that is 20 years older than Hubby or even 20 years older than me for that matter. Yes, age is just a number, but there has to be that connection too. That doesn’t mean I am saying “don’t contact us if you are old.” It just means, don’t be offended if we say “thank you, but we feel we aren’t really compatible.”

You be fair & polite with us & we will do the same for you. After all, “We aren’t Ken & Barbie.” 


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